Live Arrival Guarantee


Unfortunately UPS and FED EX service failures are on the rise over the past 2 months. We have experienced more delays then normal. Neither company has been given any DOA credits for the past 7+ years and that has not changed. What has changed since March 2020, is that they no longer give any shipping credits as well. From what we are told its because of COVID. This is all happening due to the increase of shipping from consumers shopping at home. This makes them unable to keep up with the demand as of now. We can ship thru airlines if you perfer also to help this issue. We will not be liable for any losses due to delays over 12 hours by UPS or FED EX. We will not be liable for any freight cost due to failure on UPS or FED EX to honer their services paid for.

Rest and relax and purchase from us with confidence. Enjoy a stress free shipment experience unlike other wholesalers you may have accounts with. If anything in your order does not arrive alive we will REPLACE it on your NEXT order.

We DO NOT ask that you absorb the first 5% of the loss. We DO NOT make excuses for DOA such as the shipping company lost the package or weather delays caused the loss. If this happens WE WILL still cover all of the items and replace them for you if they are DOA. It is our goal to get these items to you in good so you can make a living.

Once you receive your order please take the steps possible to file a claim if there are any delays/damages for any reason with the shipping company. All DOA claims are strictly at the discretion of CLE Aquatics. All decisions about replacements and validity of claims will be made solely by CLE Aquatics. We will replace item(s) and include it on your next order. If no replacement is available we will issue credit on your next order. We do not issue refunds back to the credit card or is any credit refunded towards shipping.

If the livestock you have ordered is not available due to it not being able to ship. We will replace the item to a similar item if we can at our discretion.


If any items are DOA or badly damaged you must submit photos within 24 hours of arrival. Corals should be removed from their bags and pictured under daylight lighting so that we can access the DOA piece. If you requested an airline shipment, you must arrive at the airport in a timely manner after the shipment arrives (within 3 hours). If the shipment comes UPS, YOU MUST be there to sign for it on FIRST delivery attempt. If the UPS shipment is held for pickup, you must pickup the shipment in a timely manner (WITHIN 3 hours).

Please note there are no exceptions to these policies.